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Each CHUIMSAE! show will have 5 – 8 solo/duo performers, each presenting short 15 minute sets with minimal (or no) set-up. Performers are encouraged to use CHUIMSAE as an opportunity to push the boundaries of conventional performance, engage audiences in meaningful ways, and debut new projects. Adventurous, intimate, raw, personal, inspired, fun!

Each night will conclude with CHUIMSAE! – THE GAME, a high-energy improvisation game that requires full participation from all folks present (especially audience). Props! Prizes! Colors!

What is chuimsae ( “CHOOM-say” ) ?

In Korean traditional / folk music, the audience’s real-time reactions and vocal expressions are a vital and inextricable part of the performance experience. Many performers of Korean traditional music rely on the audience for energy, inspiration, and encouragement. These exclamations are called “chuimsae.” The idea is, if the music / performance makes you feel something, express it. ( e.g. “OHH baby,” “UNNGHH,” “Meowrrr,” “yyaaayy,” etc.. ) Good chuimsae = good show. Together, performer and audience create a lively circuit and everyone benefits.



The night’s performers will join to become the CHUIMSAE band.

All audience members will henceforth be called GAMERZ.

Before the game begins, 2 types of giant cards will be distributed randomly to the GAMERZ.

    Each Color Card corresponds to one performer. The performer can only be active when a Gamer holds their card high into the air. There is only one color card for each performer.
    Each Feel Card has one descriptive word (e.g. “FRANTIC” “SILLY” “SEXY” “EMPTY”) that Gamerz write before the game begins. The band interprets these prompts and improvises collectively in real-time. Only one card can be up at a time. One card MUST be up at all times. To change the feel, a Gamer must hold a new Feel Card up and shout “CHUIMSAE!”

**All cards can be traded, given away, kept, stolen, or destroyed.**

    When a “shhhh” sound is made (by anyone), everyone must join in immediately. When the entire room is buzzing with “shhhhh,” the game takes a quick breath and resumes.
  2. THE END
    To end the game, a Gamer must begin applauding with so much enthusiasm that other Gamers feel compelled to join. When the sound of the applause is so loud that the music can no longer be heard, the band stops and the game ends.


All GAMERZ are entered into a drawing to win a music / merch / art bundle from the CHUIMSAE band! CDs, t-shirts, chapbooks, art, favorite novels, a poem… Two names will be drawn at the end of the night.


CHUIMSAE! is a fast-paced, adventurous show that asks audiences to lean joyfully into the future.

Please join us for the another night of CHUIMSAE! , TBA @ Chase Public.

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