Honest Abe


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Honest Abe is a kind of creative project not exclusive to music-making and comparable 
to free-writing -- a pre-drafting exercise that might preclude even brainstorming 
[pen to paper and go]. Without hesitation and without a plan, ideas spin out purely, 
unadulterated by our natural desire to present only our best. We dig deeper to pull 
the stuff not apparent immediately.
Our musical translation differs from its wordy counterpart in that we choose to
frame and stage this preliminary, most vulnerable stage of development. A beautiful
feature of this performance style is real-time realization of a variety of raw fodder,
a collective ego suggesting routes, many of which end dead, some of which develop
further, in a spur. And all the time, the listening quota is strict, and we beg to
be tuned-in. The expression is totally honest. How far might one go?



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