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MYCincinnati Ambassador Ensemble


The Ambassador Ensemble is a string sextet of young Price Hill musicians led by MYCincinnati Assistant Director and Cincinnati Art Ambassador Fellow Eddy Kwon.

For the 2014-15 school year, the group engaged in weekly critical discussions around identity (including race, gender, and class), social justice, power, and the artist as an agent of change. Using these riveting and intense conversations as creative inspiration, Eddy worked with the students to compose a performance work that organically combines chamber music with themes of social justice.

Artistically avant-garde, socially critical, and radiating with youthful energy, the final work is a culmination and celebration of a year’s effort and collective growth.

The ensemble will be performing the work in exciting, diverse venues all around the city. MYCincinnati is partnering with the Cincinnati Art Museum, Constella Festival, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, LISH Gallery in Price Hill, and the University of Cincinnati – Racial Awareness Program to present a series of free performances in April 2015*.

The entire process — from the initial discussions to the intense rehearsals — has been documented by world-renowned photographer Michael Wilson. He and his son, Henry, have been crafting a beautiful documentary film that will be screened at the beginning of each event.


April 12 – SCPA for Constella Festival / 108 W. Central Parkway / 3 PM

April 17 – UC African American Cultural Resource Center / 60 W. Charlton / 8 PM

April 19 – Cincinnati Art Museum / 953 Eden Park Drive / 1 PM / Register here

April 24 – LISH Art Gallery / 3116 Warsaw Ave / 6 PM

April 26 – Clifton Cultural Arts Center / 3711 Clifton Ave / 4 PM

All concerts + film screenings FREE for ALL AGES / Facebook Event

Must Love Cats


The Happy Maladies hit the road this weekend, with stops in Columbus, Nashville, Lexington. The band is now gearing for a progression of momentous performances, record releases.

Saturday, March 21 marks CD Release of Must Love Cats. This call to action invited composers everywhere to submit a piece of original music for the Happy Maladies and their instrumentation. From over two dozen, the band selected five, all of which, collaboratively initimately with each of the composers, the’ve rehearsed, refined, recorded and prepared for performance.

The show will transpire in Northside’s Historic Hoffner Lodge, which lately has provided a beautiful and focused space for chamber music performances, rock and roll.

The Maladies have been invited to perform for Constella Festival, Cincinnati’s newest hi-profile chamber music festival. The show is slated for Saturday, April 18 at Obscura [645 Walnut], where the band will perform two sets, presenting music from Must Love Cats and material from their upcoming LP release.

Hold your horses! That’s right, the Maladies release their forthcoming self-titled LP this coming June. The album manifests upon several years of incestuous collaborative effort, long strides and mood changes, captured in the raw[r], an extra-present hi-fi sci-fi sound.

May y’all find momentous occasions on account of your hard work. Stay Tuned!

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Monday Night at the Comet in March

“ March 2 “

Super Origami & Friends [Jennifer Simone and Sheldon Belcher / loops and improv hip-hop jams]
(ft. TIGR HORS and Columbus’ Fresh//FX )

Liquid Hologram [Cincinnati EDM]

“ March 9 “

Zo & Sloan Birthday Show [live film scoring & overdubs]

“ March 16 “

Eric Blyth [gentleman blues]

Brianna Kelly [etheric folk]

“ March 23 “

Homme [Chicago lady power duo / varietal heart drop]

“ March 30 “

Crown Larks [Chicago smart rock / regal birds]

Diving Bell [electro-acoustic extemporization / sax & percussion]


Silo’s Choice releases full-length record at Rock Paper Scissors on Thursday, March 12. Supporting performance by Whitfield Crocker!