A Poetic-Musical Collaboration / MC 001 / 08.08.14

“I have invited four area poets each to blend two spoken pieces with ADM sound work. These collaborations foray into an aged tho presently un-popularized performance style, and speak for intermingling local micro arts communities, for the health of culture, ladies and gentlemen.”   – ADM


Friends With Friends I / 05.11.12

Friends With Friends is an audio compilation production series, each volume furnished with four unique tracks by four local musical entities. The audio work transgresses in collaboration among exciting Cincinnati musicians and the recording engineers of the Marburg Collective.

This volume is “Underwater” featuring a piece by each of four bands The Sleeping Sea, Gorges, The Harlequins and SHADOWRAPTR. It released upon live performances by all of the bands in one great show at the Northside Tavern in Cincinnati, O.

Dear Neighbor / 10.15.10

Dear Neighbor was an ambitious effort by a fairly unfounded initiative. The initiative produced an enthusiasm to recognize and assemble a variety of Cincinnati sound makers in one listening experience.

Dear Neighbor released by a live event at the ArtWorks Project Space. Music was presented, poetry delivered, art works contributed for display in celebratory propulsion of a Marburg Collective in its infancy.

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