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Mar 10 – Blind Bob’s with Good English [Dayton]

Mar 11 – MOTR Pub with Good English

Comprador bloomed from a musical partnership initiated in fall 2012 between electric
guitarist / singer Charles D'Ardenne and drummer / singer Aaron Collins (of the now-dormant
SHADOWRAPTR. By the end of summer 2013, the two had begun to record Comprador's debut EP,
'Voyeur,' and gigged with Stephen Patota (formerly SHADOWRAPTR's guitarist) on bass. From
2013 to fall 2014, Comprador played dozens of sets around Cincinnati featuring bassists
Neal Vaughn Humphrey (SHADOWRAPTR) and Brent Olds (ISWHAT?!). In late 2014 the initial
live trio of Aaron, Charles and Stephen reconvened, and are now mixing Comprador's first
full-length album while preparing for several out-of-town shows.
Comprador songs, both heavy and ethereal, feature walls of immersive guitar echoes, driving 
grooves in weird meters, ornately-crooned harmonies and distressed yowling.
"Time and again, with every note, every beat, and every phrase in Voyeur, the artists that 
make up Comprador prove that music and art are inextricably linked - and that creativity is an 
organic process unbound by conventional structure. By diverting, deconstructing and burning down 
the standard framework of music-making and of artistic exploration, Comprador have created 
something difficult to wrap up into words.
Much like the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, the music of Comprador is dynamic and nearly
impossible to explain but, on a crucial level, we connect with it - and, more importantly, it 
connects with us." --  Jim Nolan, WVXU’s Local Xposure



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