two shows

hey folks,  two shows fast approaching, both at Rohs Street Cafe .

This Sunday, August 19 brings a WETLAND PICNIC : featuring the album releases of both The Sleeping Sea and Bear (The Ghost).  this event is designed to be as accessible and participatory as possible, while celebrating the release/relief for both of these central parties. potluck portions at 4 [bring a dish!] , music ensues 5-11 , transpiring between the cafe stage and the adjacent sanctuary. and the show is FREE.  more info here.

Friday, August 24 brings a VINTAGE DANCE PARTY: featuring the tastefully accessible electronic waves of CHANDELIERS from Chicago. this event is designed is for dancing, and will throw down in the stained-glass, high-vaulted sanctuary adjacent the cafe. special invitation to wear vintage clothing, as Chandeliers will bring their vintage synthesizers. this show opens at 8, music begins at 9,  $5 for the travellers.  more info here.

check this video ..

and listen to Chandeliers ..

-ad .m c

post scriptum .. Gorges announces release of ‘Gorges’ EP . 

happy gorges. honest.

Hey folks,

We are busting to announce that Gorges will release their first album on August 11, with support from The Yugos, in the Sanctuary at Rohs Street Cafe – the very same room in which it was recorded, entirely.

'Gorges' album cover artwork by Jack Arthur Wood, Jr.

This piece was engineered primarily, with a mobile studio, by the Gorges drummer Ben Sloan, with ample support from all members of the band. Recording over the course of a month inside an unconditioned chapel and an empty cafe, we embraced the opportunity to use the free space which has for us been an invaluable cultural and communal resource throughout our most intensive, creative growth spurts.

The Gorges album holds four original tracks and will be available at the Gorges Release Show for a discount price of $3 . The first 200 copies of the album shall include also a free download card for the first Gorges single ‘Flown South’ – a piece from the first Friends With Friends production.

In a similar gesture, The Happy Maladies have slated to release their latest record ‘New Again.’  The album contains also 4 tracks, and will drop in the Sanctuary at Rohs Street Cafe on September 8, with support from the legendary Matthew Shelton.

'New Again' album cover artwork by Lizzy Duquette

This will be the first release by the Maladies since their debut with ‘Sun Shines The Little Children‘ in 2009.  This new piece offers a sound many times refined by the group since conception – a fresh batch of compositions , a carefully woven bundle of musical gestures, swollen with the thrusts of a company achieving cathartic unity.

an Emery session, produced by Cincinnati Recording Service

Let mention as well, Honest Abe is preparing to release [on a date TBD] the audio compilation and video documentary collected from their cross-country ‘Big Baby Tour’ in summer 2011.  Audio is being selected from six unique live ABE performances in six distinct locations to create a six-track compilation.  The video documentary was filmed and edited entirely by Lauren Pray, who segmented the collage into 11 sections, each appropriate to location.

The Big Baby Tour trailer.

Thanks and be well .

- ad m/c

Summer Fling

Hey folks,

Just a bit of what is going with each of the musical projects of the Marburg Collective ..

SHADOWRAPTR is playing mass fat shows in June, including the Pomegranates CD Release Party @ Madison Theater on June 9, Don’t Fear The Satellites Album Release @ Northside Tavern on June 15, Midpoint Indie Summer Series @ Fountain Square on June 22, and Adjust Your Eyes Music Festival @ Mainstay on June 29 . Heightened activity now serves the band for some short, regional touring later this summer, segues into the recording process for their second full-length album, slated to release in Spring 2013.  And if you don’t know what a SHADOWRAPTR looks like …

The Happy Maladies unveiled recently an entirely new set of music, minus one member, with their first performance since November at Rohs Street Cafe‘s 9th Anniversary Celebration. The group is in the process of birthing a healthy 4-track EP in preparation for an extensive MIdwest tour during the month of July.  An adequate representation of their current sound [produced by those Pop Empire fellas] …

Gorges debuted for the Underwater CD Release Party on May 11, upon releasing their first audio recording [thru Friends With Friends], a single track called ‘Flown South.’ ..

Buzz carries with this band opening for Battles at Bogart’s just last night. This month of June for Gorges intends to be immersive in writing and recording with plans to release a pilot album later this summer.  The 5-piece plays two more shows later month, including June 23 @ Fries Cafe with SHADOWRAPTR and June 29 @ Mainstay for Adjust Your Eyes Music Festival.

The members of Honest Abe, a year since their Big Baby Tour, have energetically found creative outlets in many of these other Marburg music projects. ABE, in collaboration with friend and videographer Lauren Pray, are now on the cusp of producing the audio compilation and video documentary inspired from last summer’s travels. The boys of Honest Abe would like to inform their beautiful backers that they have not forgotten about them, have just taken time to do well.

Meth Girlfriend is the rambunctious love-child of Ben Sloan [Gorges] and Stephen Patota [SHADOWRAPTR], their second. Their first is Corey Bennett. They play when they can, write when they do, getting folks all worked up with silly grooves. You know that Meth album is gonna drop sometime.

Brodie Johnson has performed a handful of solo shows in the last few months, each set variable and unique, with a blend of older loop station extrapolations and newer song-form compositions. Brodie occasionally collaborates with ADM. In addition to writing and singing lead vocals for Gorges, he is currently aspiring to be a beautiful model.

ADM has recently launched a new tumblr blog for the purpose of sharing personal aesthetic / media productions.  He is performing for numerous occasions next week. On Monday from 10am to noon, tune in to “T-Radio-Saurus Rex and The Journey to the Center of the Earth” show on WAIF 88.3 FM, where Connor Albers tells it like it is and airs plenty of local music.  Wednesday evening ADM opens for folks from Father Figures  at The Rake’s End, and Friday evening plays for The Launch Party @ The Mansion.

Thanks for listening. Take care of yourselves.

- adm / mc .

many thanks

Dear Marburgers [showgoers],

Last weekend was a raging success, credits to all for participating in the release party. The bands performed tremendously, the crowds hollered genuinely, ‘Underwater’ went flying off the shelves, and we are excited to announce, we have broken even with plans to produce subsequent volumes of the ‘Friends With Friends’ series.  Stay tuned.

If you missed the memo, ‘Friends With Friends‘ is an audio compilation production series, unique to Cincinnati and the creative folks interconnected with Marburg Collective. Volume 1 is ‘Underwater’ with a single track contributed by each The Harlequins, The Sleeping Sea, SHADOWRAPTR and Gorges.

We have released a limited edition of the album, hand-made home-designed, a portion of which are still available for sale.  [If interested, get in touch! - [email protected]]. If you are eager for stream, listen here!

This one cut short.  More news to come.

- MC.


hey you crazy cats,  this is the week that was, this week .

UNDERWATER is a 4-track Cincinnati audio compilation, the first volume of what intends to be an ongoing series called Friends With Friends .  This album is slated to release THIS FRIDAY at The Northside Tavern .

If you can’t make the show, or just can’t get enough, we are hosting a gaggle of live music the following evening at Melt Eclectic Deli [adjacent the Tavern] in congruence with Northside Second Saturday festivities .  If you are seeking a copy of the album but will miss the UNDERWATER boat,  we will be selling the remaining editions at Melt on May 12.

Bring your mom.

- MC.

Friends With Friends

Friends .

A great bulk of what we have been working towards arrives in full presence these first couple of weekends in May . !  We have been mostly quiet, keep to self throughout the time since the days of Hotel living.   and now we go, ready or not, to kicking it all around .

Rohs Street Cafe has been a burgeoning center for creative activity this last year. in celebration of its 9 years existing,  many of our music projects and those of homies will perform either Friday or Saturday night of the Extravaganza …  Brodie Johnson, ADM, Greg Zoller, Pop Empire, The Happy Maladies, several others.  check events for more info.

As well,  Friends With Friends – a project among musicians and audio engineers of the Collective – releases ‘Underwater’ [4-track Cincinnati audio compilation]  on May 11 at Northside Tavern.  Compilation artists are SHADOWRAPTR , The Sleeping Sea , The Harlequins , Gorges -  groups of folks we are all loving to support, keeping circles tight. The Marburg Collective produces this album not-for-profit, but for-perpetuation of the Friends With Friends * series.  Limited edition of 100 albums available for purchase [$5] at THIS SHOW which is FREE ,  so bring your parents.

Save the dates  May 3.4.5 ,  May 11 .  It is going down.

- MC

* [The 'Friends With Friends' project sustains well because it is beneficial for many parties. Our party of studio efforts continues to exercise its mobility and versatility working with and for friends. The Marburg party carries on with the coordination and promotion of fat live shows for the sake of bring us all together. Parties of musicians share in a free recording agenda, to produce new tracks of original music and to participate as performers in a grand live showcase - All in celebration of the great big party which is our coming-alive Cincinnati arts community. keepin it real fo sho [y'all just keep showing up for the party].

ps  ] an exercise in healthy expression , is to straddle and quiver about improvisation (without a look ahead) and premeditated retrograde (take from which you know) [cinqsank]


to our health!

“The Marburg Collective is a flexible group of creative folk who are connected by their creative work. The work has produced audio recordings, multimedia shows, live house concerts and open mic nights.

We are a network of engaged citizens whose aim is to be a meaningful resource for our city’s creative community, empowering those who seek means of self-expression.

The Collective has existed as an extension of the Hotel, a functional residence, home recording studio and performance space, located on Ludlow Ave in Clifton.”

Now we are moved away from ground base, which was Marburg Hotel,  and with unintentional redefinition of motives, goals, reasons to be … our Collective,  which is an ambiguous corpse ,  is forming circles through ripe activity.

So, this is what we are doing.

Primarily, there is a group of us – aspiring musicians – seeking to fill our time here with the spontaneity of novel musical phenomena, exploring beautiful sound worlds,  to do what we love to do, and to “make a living” doing it. The grand effort is daunting but necessary, and each day brings an emergency of fresh material, potential projects, mindful drafting and eager struggles, as we urge to craft gifts with sound which we may ultimately exchange for your support.  It is not easy, but this is our effort.

We once exploited our old apartment space in order to offer live aesthetic experiences. The aggregate of experiences came to form a transparent sphere, ever-malleable and humble, as a flower lends itself for consumption. Effortful activity bred a momentum which herded many of us [Cinci folk and travellers]  through the sphere, in a fashion not unlike rings and circles begin to overlap, varying networks find pivot point persons and there unfolds the spawn of anomaly, a brilliant harmony or a break in evolutionary uniform.  Eureka!  and now we are excited, we are crafting, exchanging ideas and building upon that which may have been dormant and now emerging with steady viscosity from the subconscious.

Now, we are pursuing various projects, which serve to bring purpose to this collective front.  One project emerging beautifully is Marburg Archives, a series of regular audio releases, offering tracks siphoned from events which occurred and were recorded live from the Marburg Hotel . This first issue is compiled from a particularly special Open Mind Night [open mic] at the Hotel, during which we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the series. Download the entire album [for free] to reveal a hidden track! More tracks from this night to come in a later issue.  Wonderful visuals by Lindsay Nehls [the boss]..


..for you to download and share freely,  commemorate in nostalgia! or just listen.   Also on the lefthand sidebar,   link up with last year’s “Dear Neighbor” audio compilation, and a collection of video edits [cred. Lauren Pray] from many previous Marburg shows .

This webspace is a project in itself.  Feel free to browse and extract as we fill it with real live media from past experiences and current news about our works and the local creative environment.  We will attempt to keep our projects page updated with news and clips, and some of the projects are regular series of releases. Stay tuned for subsequent volumes of the Friends With Friends audio compilation series.  Events page will begin to arrange information for the shows with which we are mostly involved,  and will hopefully evolve to be an extensive database for broader Cincinnati activity.  Under “About” page,  in the History section you will find a thorough overview of our collective’s life by Bridget Nickol, as well as an archive of [almost] all of the shows which transpired during our stay at the Marburg Hotel.  Tune in to bands closely associated with the Collective, and learn about the efforts of the studio in the new year.

The Marburg Collective is an aggregate of creative activity ..   we are burgeoning forth into new year with bubble energies, collaborations, live experiences,  swell season.

and as this is all / an improvisation, in no / particular order,

a happy new year, everyone .. and to our health !

- adm. [ w/MC ]